Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June 1 - Newfeld Baby

For the past week or so we have seen a lot of Josie and Cammi, for you see their mommy was pregnant. Yesterday about an hour before Epic started little Casandra was born. Today Josie and Cammi got to meet their new baby sister.  

I think, judging by that face, that Cammi likes her little sister. 

A happy family

May 31 - Epic!!!

The Christ in the Arts dance school in Lubbock, Texas put on a ballet about the story of the gospel. It started in Genesis and went all the way through the end. It was one of the best shows I have ever been to. Unfortunately they didn't allow flash photography so there is no pictures of the show itself.
Right before it started.

After it was over the actors and actresses came out to answer any questions the audience might have 

This is the Enemy.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

May 19 - A Day with some Leamons

Dan got off this weekend so we went to the Leamons for the day and had a blast. Literally. They had some cousins visiting them and we had quite an air-soft war. 

May 21 - DIY Redneck Pool Set Up

 It is the pool's turn to get set up today. Before we could set it up we had to clean it out. We did this by "hanging" it up on the shipping container. Kacy and Zach were the hangers. While Rossella and Janessa cleaned the pool. Now I know you are asking why we didn't just tie it off some where, the answer is that there is no fun in doing the normal way. :) Anyway it worked.

Shea and Gabe helping out.

Gabe is excited for the pool.

Zach thought of a "new" way to try this job......

.....tie the rope to his foot and then hang over the side of the container.

It worked too.

After the cleaning was done we had to patch up some small holes. First we squeezed cock in then we covered it with, what else, duct tape.

Shea, our true red neck.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

May 12 - Trampoline!!!!

Some very good friends of ours are moving in a few days and had to get rid of their trampoline and pool before they left. It worked out that we could take both!!!! So this afternoon was spent going to Lubbock, getting the trampoline, and setting it up.

All hands on deck getting the frame up.

Then the pad. Oh, by the way, this is the first time we had ever put up a trampoline. :)  


Friday, June 14, 2013

May 11 - Water Fight!!!!!!!!

A few kids from our church came over last night to spent the night. Since it is such a beautiful day they started a water war. We are also babysitting Josie and Cami today, so they got involved.
Garrett thought that shooting the camera was a good idea until he realized the photographer had a water gun.
Josie got hit!!!!

Team A's fort.....
.....Team B's fort, Guess who was playing defense and who was playing offence .
More water.

While the younger kids were having fun getting wet, Dan, Shea, and Zach were getting ready to paint. 

Cami, trying to stay as dry as possible.

After they were done getting wet they went inside to do some painting.
Sydney Patrick and Zach decided that getting painted was more fun then painting, and Janessa is just trying to get out of the way

We scraped the paint out from behind our ears and that evening we went to a friends house for some time of fellowship. You know the usual, Hamburgers, guns, and shooting.

All the Duck Dynasty crew. 

Reid Lasider Teaching Gabe how to shoot a bow.

The older kids and adults did some skeet shooting. Both Janessa and Zach  did really well.

Sam Kurcus (Far Left) and Denis Sines (Far right) ,both veterans, were leading the shooting of the big guns. 
Kacy giving it a "shot".

A delicious supper under the trees.

A wonderful day for all!!!