Friday, June 29, 2012

June 29

   The younger kids decided to play castle. Their costumes were very amusing. For instance Garrett is wearing a tinfoil crown, a gamblers vest, and a girls shawl. I think it turned out pretty good.

King Mightus 
Queen Guinevere 

Princess Emily
Prince Edmond

The whole royal family. Kacy is the Lady's maid. Princess Emily, Prince Edmond, King Mightus, and Queen Guinevere

Queen Guinevere changed dressed after Princess Emily got tired of wearing this one.
I didn't get a picture of Zach and Shea who were playing criminals. 
                                                                   June 28

 Jenna and Andie Carroll have now spent almost a week here. They are loving having big brothers and sisters. And of course we are all loving having a lot of little sisters. Today they are helping Kacy make cookies.

  They also enjoyed helping her clean the dishes :) They were very committed in licking the bowl
Garrett is getting bored of them doing girl stuff.
So he and Gabe decided to have a sword fight while they were waiting. That was very funny to watch, that is until Gabe got hurt. 

                                        June 26 

                              We started doing the Bible bee this year. We are all really enjoying it. 

  Zach has really jumped into the memorization

        The boys looked up how to make a Lego car launcher. That's what they were doing while they were waiting for the rest of us to start 

     The Bible Bee's theme verse

Garrett's copy of 2 Timothy.
Zach's copy of 2 Timothy.
And Rossella's copy of 2 Timothy.

 Everyone including Gabe is working hard at it

                                             June 24

For the last 6 months or so we have been planning to Home-school another family. We have been so excited to start. Today is the day before they are to come Zach and Kacy went down to the fix a saddle for the horses, so the girls could ride tomorrow. While they were down there Kacy ended up jumping off of a hay bale and sprained her ankle really bad. Today is also Daniel and Rossella's 18 wedding anniversary. They went on a date all day in Daniel's truck.  

                                  June 8 
We went to a dance. If you want to see the movies of the dance you could go to this link: This is a picture that Rossella took before the dance started, while the Shannon family was teaching the beginners how to swing dance:

Monday, June 25, 2012

May 31

The Tatum kids came over, because their dad hurt his knee skating the day before. While they were here we took advantage of the extra hands and got some work out of them, and put up the pool.

Best Friends

May 20
We have been planning what we were going to do the night of the eclipse. Our camera lens couldn't get a good picture of the eclipse, but thanks to the ingenuity of Janessa and Zach we got some pretty decent pictures.

The best pictures we got were at sunset.

We had a picnic out is our driveway to watch it. 

Then up on the container to see it go down.

May 17
Some friends from Arkansas were visiting for a  couple weeks. We spent almost every day with them while they were here. Today we went to a neighbor's house to borrow his horses, because it's really hard to stretch two horses between 11 kids. Kacy, Riley Tatum, and Evyn Decker went to get the horses. Zach and Kole Tatum came a little later on our to horses to escort the girls home. Zach had the idea of making a picket line for the horses out of a laso. It worked really good because they had enough food and water and they were easy to get to.

May 16
We decided to give the dogs a bath, it was the first bath the older dogs had. Quincy was a pro at this so the problem was Aleric and Bowdrie. 

Aleric wasn't exactly happy about the situation.
 The water was a little colder than we anticipated, so Quincy got a pretty cold. Shea volunteered to hold her till she warmed up.  

Bowdrie kept trying to get away. In these pictures he's doing pretty good.

Quincy went into Kacy's room and slept for two hours without moving :).
May 15
We finished the first B.R.I.G.H.T. Lights set. Janessa had a Graduation for all the girls, with the dads to make the presentation.

May 10-13
 Janessa and Mom went to the Arlington Book Fair. While they were there Janessa met her all time hero Sarah Mally.
While they were there they picked up a puppy Kacy has been saving up for. She wants to start a business breeding English Shepherds.