Friday, November 22, 2013

November 21 - Neufelds Play Day

Mrs. Neufeld had a doctor appointment today so we got to take care of the girls for the afternoon. 
Garrett, Gabriel, Jocy, and Cami all "reading" a book together.

The first time Gabe gets to hold Kasy.

November 20 - Quick (Did I say Quick, More Like an All day thing) To Albuquerque

Every year Grandpa (Rossella's Dad) raises a few head of beef on a pasture in the mountains of Colorado. And being a family of eight, plus being raised on mountain fed beef, we buy a beef from them every year. This year we bought a beef and split another one with some friends of ours. Grandpa had a doctor appointment in Albuquerque so we met them there. 
Guess what town we are in?

We ran into something that was very foreign to us in Texas, Rain.

One of the things we like to do in Albuquerque is stop and have a meal at Cracker Barrel. This trip was no exception. Afterward the kids showed Grandpa and Grandmother many of the things that they have made, fixed, bought, or practiced.

Are you cold yet, Garrett?

We left Albuquerque just in time for rush hour traffic. But we are on our way home with two cows worth of beef in the back of our van. And a great visit with the grandparents under our belt.

November 16 - New Gun

 Zach, Shea, Garrett, and Gabe had worked all summer for a man at church. With their money Zach and Shea bought airsoft guns. Zach's came today along with a shoulder holster.

November 16 - PJs day

One of our favorite days at GRACE is dress-up day. Today is PJ day. Several of the kids really got into it. 
Lookin' great girls!!!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 10 - Shower for Baby D and "Snow"

Jenifer Davidson, the leader of GRACE, is having a baby shower today. They are having a boy and their fifth child. 

 On the way to the shower we saw some west Texas "snow". Down here they haul it like they haul hay in other places.

November 9 - Cupcakes

Normally I would put this on the November Creations Post, but Janessa did such a good job on making these I thought that she deserved a post of her own. These are for a baby shower that is happening tomorrow. Janessa use to have a business of cake decorating, but she got out of it when she got really active in B.R.I.G..H.T. Lights. She has a amazing skill at this art and she loves doing it.

Good Job Janessa!!!

November 4 - Grazing with Josie

When we went grazing today, Josie got to go with us. 

Libby got a lot of practice with mounting and dismounting.

She also got a apple (or two).

 We all took turns trying to make Josie laugh.

Zach won. (Not surprisingly).

November 2 - Cotton Harvest

Next to our property is a cotton field, today the farmer was harvesting. The boys went overt to watch and the farmer let them ride with him in the stripper. This is where the boys spent the first four hours of the day.

Little mokeys