Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Apple Juice Pressing

 Quirk #7948 of living in an orchard is having apples running out of your ears. We spent quite a few afternoons pressing apple juice.

Both of these guys are getting so big!!

 One day Janessa brought out her nice camera and set up some beautiful shots.

August 2 - Digging out the South Pump

As the summer has worn on, the river has gone down a bunch. Dad rented a track hoe to dig trenches for some of the pipes we are putting in for the new irrigation system, so we took this afternoon to dig a hole under the South Pump. This involves driving in the river and digging under the floating screen that we use to suck water out of the river into the irrigation system. In the winter, this beach is totally underwater, but right now it is about 6" deep. It was a good excuse to play in the river.