Friday, April 25, 2014

April 24 - Babysitting and a Expected Surprise

The Neufeld girls came over this afternoon. Josie loved riding the pony, she rode her for about three hours. The pony was the first horse that Josie had every ridden by herself. Big learning curb for her and for Kacy, who was trying to teach her. Being a pony, she has a stubborn streak a mile wide in her. 

It's just her size.

Cami loves throwing the sick for Reacher, the only problem is she can't throw very far so Reacher tends to take it out of the air right next to her hand. This is the reason that she is standing on one side of the rail and Reacher is on the other side.
The puppies are growing faster than she is... which is saying a lot.

Sahara (the pony) is smart enough to know where the coolest part of the property is...on the front porch.

Josie being a good big sister and teaching Cami how to ride by herself.

Cami telling all about her exciting ride on the "baby horse"

It took quite a bit of persuasion to get Cami off Sahara so that Josie could have a turn, but when she found out that she could be on the bigger horse and by higher than Josie, she was more than welcome to let Josie have the pony back.

And now for the expected surprise. A friend of ours gave Gabriel a impregnate cat a while back, and today she gave birth to six adorable kittens. Three boys and three girls. Gabriel is so proud of them.

The mother's name is Raincloud and we would like to go off on that name for the kittens, any suggestions?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 22 - Birthday Party for Morgan

A very good friend of ours, Morgan, is turning 10! Happy Birthday Morgan! It has been such an honor to get to know you in these few years. You are growing into a wonderful, Godly man, and we are so proud of you.

Being Morgan, it is required to do something with legos with him. They had a lego challenge where there was two-person teams that had to hold hands and they had to build the best lego creature using only their outside hands in 10 min. 
Garrett and Molly working hard at it.

Jenna it more into watching them compete.
Morgan and Nate look very serious about it, don't they?
The Winners! Shea and Ryan!

During the contest Janessa and Zane got to know each other better.
The Morgan cake. I can't think of a better cake for this kid.
Lots of legos. 

Colton is getting all of Grandma's time that he can get.
Auntie Mary won't let him get tired of Grandma, though.
Zach and Dillon making sure that the little bit of lemonade at the bottom of the jug doesn't get lonely.
 Any guesses on what things Morgan likes?

Spring, Spring, Spring

Oh the barnyard is busy in a regular tizzy,
And the obvious reason is because of the season
Ma nature lyrical, with her yearly miracle
Spring, Spring, Spring.
Banner born on March 26

All the hen-folk are hatchin'
While their men-folk are scratchin'
To ensure the survival of each brand new arrival.

Each nest is twitterin'
They're all babysitterin'
Spring, Spring, Spring.
15 hens born on March 28

Rooster born on April 4

It's a beehive of buddin' son and daughter life,
Every family has plans in view.
Even down in the brook the underwater life 
Is forever blowin' bubbles too.

Every field wears a bonnet
With spring daisies on it
Even birds of a feather show their clothes off together.

Sun's gettin' shinery, To spotlight the finery,
Spring, Spring, Spring

Virginia Born on March 15

From his eyrie, the eagle with his eagle eye
Gazed down across his eagle beak
And a'fixin' his lady with the legal eye
Scream "suppose we fix the date this week!"
Gabe's Kittens born on April 24.

Yes, siree, spring disposes 
That it's all one supposes
It's a real bed of roses
Wggin' tails, rubbin' noses

Puppies Born on February 14

Each day is a mother's day
The next is some other's day
When all is King.....

Someone's havin' her baby!
Marian Edith Goodwin born on February 17
William Colton Cole born on  March 18

April 22 - Carroll's Cousins

The Carroll's cousins came over today to see the life that the girls had for a year. For those who don't remember, we homeschooled the Carroll girls for a year while their family was going through a hard time. We were so blessed by that year, and we gained 3 younger sisters and they gained older sisters and brother. When they asked if their cousins from Louisiana could come meet us, we were so excited. And I must say they were not a disappointment. We had so much fun with them. They rode horses all day long. All the ones that were not on the horses wore out all the other animals.   
Addy and Virginia (the cow) hit it off right away.

Addy is Andi's age and they are best friends.

Jenna had a lot of fun teaching her cousins how to ride. By the end of the day they were all running the horses by themselves.

This is what our back door looked like when lunch was called.

Ethan was a cowboy in minutes, because no boy wants to be outdone by his girl cousins. Am I right?

Bryson had fun on the horse that was his size.
Gabriel and Addy became fast friends, and Gabe told her all that there was to know about horses and then some.
Auntie Lacey and her beautiful niece, Addy on Rusty.

Andi is teaching Austin how to ride the stubborn pony. By the end of the day she was obeying every command. 

The pups weren't left out of the day, the youngers made sure of that.

Bryson loves Lexi, who stuck with him the entire day.

Jenna and Austin are best friends, and they added Rusty into the friendship.

Don't they look just alike?
Thank you Carrolls for sharing your wonderful family with us. We has so much fun with you all!