Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 6 - Horse Shed Start

For the last couple of months we have been collecting Telephone poles for a horse shed, well today we got started on in. It was a beautiful day to work on the shed, all muggy and rainny. If you live in our area you find out really fast that those are the best days to do any kind of outside work. We are going to actually make two sheds. One is going to be in our small horse pen ( Woodrow's abode). It is going to have a rather strange shape. We put in three corners for it and then on one of the corners we have a much taller pole along with a shorter pole. We are going to attach a brace from the tall pole to the front of the roof inside the pen. Today though all we did was get the poles in the ground. Shea was nominated as the pole hole digger (not the most favorite job of all), Garrett and Gabe had to carry wheel-barrel loads of dirt from the high side of the pen to the low side to try to even it out some. And Dad and Kacy took care of the pole aspect of the project. They had to measure, cut, load the poles into the back of the truck, and haul them over to the holes. If you think that is an easy job you are as wrong as you can get.....I think those poles were marinated with pitch!!!!

The official Hole digger!!!

The length of the shed.

Cutting the bad ends off of the poles...I love Reacher's face in this picture. All of the animals were a little nervous about the chain saw, but Banner and Jenny absolutely hated it.  

First hole done!!!!!

First pole in and its only 2:00pm.
All finished...for today.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

August Creations

Yet another addition of our family's creations for this month. I would like your honest opinion on this series. Do you like reading it or would you rather us take it out? How could we make it more enjoyable? Please let me know what you think!

And now to the Creations. 

A helicopter that Shea made using some instructions from the internet, but with his own changes.

The inside.
 In human body the boys learned about different kinds of joints, later that afternoon Shea brought in this arm that he had build out of legos.

 This a Bouquet that Elena Dowell and Kacy made while taking a pleasant walk while we were at Family camp.

August 31 - Janessa's Birthday

Today is Janessa's Nineteenth birthday!!!!!! All she wanted to do was have a family day. We had taken up playing baseball every Sunday evening after a family bible study together, and that's all she wanted to do. Today Dad let pitch some...or at least that's how it started out as. Gabriel has always been a good throw, but no one knew how good of a throw. When he started pitching he threw three people out and caught one person's line drive. He was almost as good as Dad and Zach when he started, by the end of the game we was as good as them. The teams were Janessa, Kacy, Zach, and Momma vs. Daddy, Shea, Garrett, and Gabe. Team 2 won!!!