Friday, November 28, 2014

November 16 - Snow!

The first snow of the year fell this morning! The pictures below are all we got, it was really dry snow, and it was too cold to go play in it, but we were so excited. Even though there isn't much snow, this much kind of makes the cold bearable. All the baby animals that were born in the spring; namely the bantam chicks, the turkeys, the Cochins, Banner, and the calf had no idea what to do with this strange, cold, white stuff falling out of the sky, landing on them and making them even more cold. It was very entertaining to watch. 

November 15 - Yard Clean-up, Impersonating Shadows, and Artistic Mice

With the coming onset of cold weather we are doing our annual pen moving today. Things are a little different this year than they were last year. We now have a cow, a colt, and another horse. The calf has to have a pen of her own because she is still to small to be in with the horses without getting hurt. Libby, Banner, and Cowboy can all eat hay grazer (a very stem filled kind of feed) but it will give Rusty colic. So we need to have a pen for them away from Rusty. Cowboy can still be fertile 90 days after he is gelded and it has only been two weeks since we have gelded him, so putting him with Libby is a big gamble. And we have to do all this with a pen that isn't finished and 9 horse panels. Sounds like a fun day! These type of days are the kind that bring families closer together. The first step was to gather up all the panels from one end of the property and take them to the other side. That was all well and good until you find out that we now have a mare and a colt that have no place to go. While Mamma and the other kids were getting panels, Kacy was finishing the pen that I mentioned above. It is made out of old telephone cable, so we all call it the cable pen. Then Shea brought Libby and Banner down and we prayed that Banner is big enough not to go through the fence. When he was first born he would just walk right through it. He was big enough. Step two: We moved Cowboy in with Libby and Banner and watched them really close all day (that was approximately how long it took us to get all the pens moved and the barnyard ready for cold weather). All well there so we moved to step three: unloading panels. We had them all on the ladder rack on daddy's truck. Garrett and Gabe would push them down to Mamma and Kacy. They would then take the panel over to Zach, Janessa, and Shea who would set them up and tie them together (when you live on a farm with a tight budget, you take as many free things as possible. That is the way with our panels, and they don't all fit we have to tie them). Now that all the panels are set and all the animals are in there pens we work on the next most important thing, water. The faucet down there will freeze in the mornings so we set up a bucket system. We moved Jenny's old calf shed out of her little pen (that won't hold her anymore) and used it as a water bucket shed by the faucet. The buckets we use in the morning to fill up water troughs will be refilled during the evening chores.
Moving the panels down to the barnyard.

Gabe's having fun.

I think they are getting along just fine.

When Zach built the calf shed he put legs on it so it would be level, here he is digging holes for them.
After we were all done with all the morning work, Shea was playing with his shadow. Below are some pictures of characters he is impersonating. See if you can tell who they are or some of them, leave a comment so that we can see what you guess.

Pic. 1

Pic. 2

Pic. 3

Pic. 4

Pic. 5

Pic. 6

Pic. 7
After lunch we went out to sort out our trash trailer so we could take it to the dump tomorrow. A while ago dad had thrown away a board covered with clay, when we pulled it up we found out that on the Pogue farm we raise very artistic mice. They had carved a almost perfect heart on the clay. This is something you don't see every day.

To finish off a wonderful day, God painted another breathtaking sun set for us to enjoy. I am so thankful that we live here and get to have days like these. I would never trade a life in the country for any other life.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

November 11 - Veterans Day

Janessa is in a choir class in GRACE this semester, and they went to sing for the veterans today. They sounded amazing! They sang all the hymns of the different military divisions; the Air-force, the Navy, the Army, and the Marines, they asked the veterans of each division to stand or show some kind of recognition when they heard their division honored. One of the veterans, who could no longer walk, was in the Navy and we had a chance to talk to him. He was in Japan at the time of the surrender of WWII. He had lots of stories that he told us, and lots of funny things. But looking back, he had an amazing amount of good things to say about all the other branches of the military. We really had a wonderful time talking to him. I would really suggest anyone to take the time to have a long conversation with a veteran at least once in your life....if not many more times.

November 6 - Peevys!

We got to babysit the Peevy girls today! They are so much fun to have around. We have a chick that we bought living in the mud room until its big enough to be outside with the other chickens. It was a huge favorite with them.

November 1 - Jenna's Party

For Jenna's 11th birthday party, she wanted to invite her friends over for a day of horse riding at our house. She had 3 friends over and all their families. We had a wonderful time! Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of the ride. 
Molly and Andi mending up their dresses so that they can play dress-up.

A new cowboy hat and silver earrings from the Pogues. 

A journal set from the Dowells.
She got very nice gifts from the other girls, but she was so excited about them that I couldn't get any good pictures.

The guests of honor.

Everyone eating icecream bars and goofing off after a good day.
Happy birthday Sweet Jenna!!!! Love ya!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

October 29 - New Instrument in the Band

When asked what he wanted for his birthday, Garrett said that he wanted a instrument that he could play with Janessa, Zach, and Shea when they play music. But he wanted on that he could play like the piano. I didn't know there was any such instrument, but there is, its call the mountain dulcimer and mom found one on Craigslist. The only problem was it was in a pawn shop quite a distance from us. Thankfully one of our very good friends was coming though there this week so they just brought it with them. It is a beautiful instrument, and has such an unique sound. It will really add to the sound of the band. 

October 28 - Fence fixing

The Neufeld girls came over today so that their mamma could get a check-up with the doctor on her baby. It was such a beautiful day, not too cold and not too hot...ok, ok the cold wasn't an issue until November. Everyone wanted to be outside, Jocy and Cami hadn't ridden horses for a while and they really wanted to. Kacy had to fix a fence post in one of the pens, so we all headed out. Rusty, as always, did most of the babysitting with Kacy looking on.

A beautiful young lady.

Quincy is "helping" with the fence.

Quincy and her best friend, the rooster.

Cowboy is well settled in his new home.
In the middle of the afternoon, Kaci woke up from her nap and wanted to come outside. Kaci is a very interesting baby. When we first started taking care of her we couldn't do anything to keep her happy other than walking with her the entire time. And even now that she's a year old she still can't hardly stand being inside. But she LOVES being outside! She doesn't mind Quincy getting right in her face, in fact she thinks that's funny. She doesn't mind the cats "sharpening their claws on her pants, she thinks it tickles. Today she wanted to play with "tcy", but having no shoes we couldn't just put her on the ground, we thought. She got down and sat on Quincy for quite a while. I don't know who enjoyed it more, Quincy or Kaci.

I love all of these girls!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

October 26 - Bees!

Kacy is taking a beekeeping class in GRACE this year, and is abosolutely loving it! Her teacher, Mrs. Cindy asked yesterday while we were at the Fall Family Fun Night if Kacy would like to help remove a swarm this morning. And of course she said yes, wouldn't you? The swarm was in a water meter that had not been checked all summer. So the hive was well formed. 
Mrs. Cindy and Kacy getting suited up.

Dad is helping unload the bee vacuum and the cart of supplies...oh that space martian on the side of the screen is Kacy.

Lighting the smoker to keep the bees calm, but they were already pretty calm so we didn't have to use it very much

And this is the bee vacuum that Mr. Boyd (Mrs. Cindy's husband) is hooking up. We just hooked up a hose to the other side and sucked up bees. 

View from the van of the work... Mrs. Cindy didn't have enough suits for mama and dad so they watched from the van. 

When we got the queen of the hive and most of the bees, we packed up the vacuum and took it to Mrs. Cindy's home to move it into a real hive body.

The most exciting part of the day was that she let Kacy keep the hive!!!! She didn't want it so she told Kacy that if we cam and helped her get it, we could keep it. This time of year is a really bad time to start a hive, so its a 50% chance the hive will die. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

October 25 - Fall Family Fun Day

Its that time of year again, time for the GRACE Fall Family Fun night. The Fentons very graciously offered their home again this year for the party. Everyone had so much fun. Thank you so much GRACE board members, The Fentons, all the team leaders, and all the game leaders for making this possible!

Shea's face matches his hat.

Kacy asked for a surprise and Mrs. Robin did a butterfly that matched her shirt. 

Lots of hot dogs for lots of people.

Gabe the clown.

Lexi and Elena.
A very fun night for all!!!