Thursday, October 31, 2013

October 27 - Grazing

We are back to grazing along the road again. Gabe decided he wanted to go with us and learn how to ride better.

"I go the bridle off!!!"

You can't see it here, but there is a rope between them and Gabe is trying to pull Zach through the fence. He almost did it too.

October 25 -27 - Homemakers Conference

Mom and three other ladies went to a homemakers conference for the weekend. One of the main speakers was none other than Michele Dugger.  

On their way with high spirits

The Dugger Family Car

Mom and the three other ladies with Mr. and Mrs. Dugger.

October 24 - A Meeting That Happened Twenty Years Ago and a Hat

This morning out of the blue Shea wanted to make a Confederate soldier's hat using a picture he saw in magazine. We had received several pair of jeans that were, to say the least, a little bit large for us. That's what we used because that was the only material we had that there was enough of it to make the hat. So even before we got started, Shea went from a Confederate to a Yankee.  
Shea did every step on his own.... almost. He had never learned to sew with a sewing machine, or now that I think about it, he has never really done anything like this before, so he enlisted Kacy to help with this project. First step rip the seams out of the jeans.

Now cut off the usable parts of the jeans, the leggs. 

Looking good so far.

We had to cut out the piece for the hat itself, a piece for the top.....

... and a band to go around the hat.

After much trial and error we got this far, and after much more trial and error we finished the hat, but you can't see it until the October Creations Post.
Twenty Years ago, two very wonderful people met. A young lady was staying at a camp in Oklahoma with some friends of hers. They had invited some people from the camp over to their house for dinner of pizza. The pizza had jalapeno peppers as a topping. An this young lady was suppose to make strawberry shortcake for dessert. One of the guests was a young farm boy from Wisconsin. He ate some of the pizza and burned his mouth. After the meal was over the young lady brought in the strawberry shortcake. As this young man started eating this, you have to realize that his mouth was still on fire. Well, to say it nicely, the shortcake wasn't much of a hit, this young lady had mistaken the salt for the sugar, and it was very salty. But if you have ever experienced your mouth on fire because of a hot pepper you will know that salt puts out the fire. And that is how Dan and Rossella Pogue met Twenty years ago. This evening, in honor of that meeting, Janessa made pizza (minus the Jalapenos) and strawberry shortcake (made correctly).

Dad's shortcake and salt.

So glad that God brought you two together and you have stuck together for this long. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 21 - Old Friends

 Megan Thomas was Janessa, Kacy, Zach, and Shea's babysitter when we lived in Colorado. She moved to Lubbock several years before we did. While she was here she had a little boy, Cale. Well after we got involved with GRACE, she joined. And about a year later she was blessed with another little boy, Graham.  Today all three of them came over. Here are some pictures of Graham. I thank God that we are able to give Graham and Cale back some of the time, energy, and love their Momma gave to us so many years ago.

October 19 - Fall Family Fun Night

Every fall, GRACE hosts a family fun night at a different family's house. This year the family that offered their home was the Fintons, a huge thanks goes to them for letting us use their beautiful place for this event. It is set up like a Carnival, with games like ring toss only fall themed, so you toss a ring over a pumpkin. And if you win the event you get a prize, but instead of stuffed animals you get candy. It is a great evening for the whole family.
After every one was finished eating the kids were all divided into age groups and the games got explained.

The older group on the hay ride

Some of the younger kids at the ring toss.

Now the older kids at the ring toss.

Pumpkin roll rule: You have to roll the pumpkin down to the end of the "alley" and back by doing the crab walk and pushing the pumpkin with your feet or rolling it with your head.

Hula-Hooping: You had to hula-hoop with a gourd between your legs for as long as you can.

And the pie eating contest.

the winner of the older group!!!

They also had face painting, but you will have to look at the October creations post to see the faces that came home.