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April 7 - Play Day

Today our good friends the Tatums came over for a play day. They brought their two cousins with them.
Little cousin, Drake, is so fun to have around.

It was a nice day so what else could we do, but have a picnic outside. 

 April 13 - Another Play Day...Only Bigger

Today some friends we met through Bible Bee came for the day. We had so much fun... for you see they had 10 kids. The Tatums came over in the afternoon. We had a blast!!!!
The lunch was huge!!! As was the food line, after a air-soft war.

And then some dancing. 

When it got dark the parents wanted us to get out the instruments to play ....

....and sing together.

What a fun day for the Pogue family. Thank you Leamon and Tatum families for a wonderful day.

April 15 - B.R.I.G.H.T. Lights Graduation

Tonight is the second B.R.I.G.H.T. Lights graduation. Janessa is doing a wonderful job teaching the young ladies. Each of the fathers got to crown each of their own girls, daughters of the King of Kings. 
Janessa graduated all the girls who had completed set one.
All the girls who had already been graduated last year received a  reminder of their responsibility to remain pure and always be a Godly example to younger children who look up to them.

Then she gave honor to Rossella who has been a wonderful help to her from the time her dream started which, by the way, was four years before she even applied to be a leader of a B.R.I.G.H.T. Lights group.

Then it came time for her surprise. Every family who she has been a bright light too had put a little in a bought her a wonderful gift. 

Dan had the self given responsibility of taking care of the baby... hard job, right?

All the girls, Daddys, Mommys, and brothers seemed to be very blessed.

April 17 - No Electricity 

The electricity went out tonight. With candles every where Janessa saw some beautiful picture opportunities. 

April 19 - GRACE Dress Up Day Favorite TV, Book, Game, Ect.

Today at GRACE we had to dress up as our favorite character. Even though there are only 8 of us in our family, the Pogue family played the Duggars from the TV show, 19 And Counting. 

Queen Esther and Nancy Drew

Luigi from the Mario Games

Here is a Star Wars character......#1......
.......#2 and #3......
.....and #4.....all from the galaxy beyond!!!:)

Harry Potter

Queen Elisabeth, Squanto, and Betsy Ross
Eliza Doolittle from the movie, My Fair Lady.
A nurse. (She wants to grow up and help her daddy who is a doctor:)
The little girl in the pink is Mandy from the Mandy Series.
Here we have Duck Dynasty. 
All of these people are from the Percy Jackson Books

Paul Overstreet
Since this is the last day of GRACE, quite a few of the classes had a party. The Grace Junior Counsel was no exception.
This stance was held for one minute and thirty-one seconds.

 Today was also the last day of GRACE for this semester, so a couple of the teachers put on a teen party. We started by playing Minute-To-Win-It.
For this game you had to put a Popsicle stick in your mouth and stack 5 dice on it. Once the dice were on you had to keep them on for 3 seconds. You have no idea how hard it is to balance those five teeny dice on a narrow Popsicle stick:)! Go home and try it yourself to see if you can do it!

This game you had to take out all the tissues out of the box. Hurry! Hurry!

For this on you had to get the Oreo from your forehead to your mouth using only you face muscles:)

 April 20 - Ranch Day

Every year at the Ranching Heritage Center in Lubbock they host a day where they teach visitors things that the pioneers did. For instance, washing and drying clothes. Two years ago we volunteered with another family to help teach school-house games. Well, this year the other family was doing something else so we did the school-house games all by ourselves!! 
The "pioneer family". 
Shea, Garrett, Gabe, and Kacy went to explore before the people stared to arrive. The boys posed in front of the steam train. 

Jump roping must have been the most popular game we taught. The highest number of jumps it one time by the end of that day was 98!!

Garrett got to drive a real railroad pump car.
We had a home-made ball out of a pillowcase and twine and children had the chance to play an old fashioned ball game where they thew it back and forth with baskets. 
By the end of the day, Zach and Shea were experts on rolling hoops.

Marbles where another favorite.
Everyone had a lot of fun teaching the sack races. 
Inside the Schoolhouse kids could draw on the real slates.
We did a photo shoot while we were in our costumes:)

What a fun and memorable day!!!

April 26 - GRACE Talent Show

Every year right before summer break, GRACE puts on a talent show. Every one who wants to can show what they have learned in the past year. This years thyme is Three Ring Circus. The art work was done by Miss Riley Tatum and Miss Audrey Crowson. 
Each ring is an age group. Babies through Second Grade in the first. The second ring contained Third through Sixth Grade. Last but not least the Third Ring of  Seventh through Twelfth Grade. 

Many parents, Grandparents, and siblings came to support the talent.  

April 27 - Tennis Tournament

One of our friends, Sydney Patrick, has been playing tennis for the last few months. In that time she has had quite a few tournaments, but we have never got to go. Today is her last tournament and we got to go.

Emmie and Big sister Abby enjoying any shade they can find. 

Shea and Gabe had fun watching Sydney with Emmie.

April 20 - Last day with the Girls

Today was our last day with the Carroll girls. After homeschooling them for a year, today was bitter-sweet. We packed as much in today as we could. In a few days the girls are leaving to spend six weeks at their dad's house in Louisiana. 
Gabe and Andi rode Rusty most of the day.

A storm was blowing in toward mid-afternoon.....

.....but that didn't stop Lexi from riding.

A group picture of all the "younger" kids. 

One of the favorite moments of the day. Being silly...all together.

Many good times.

We love you girls!!!

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