Sunday, March 23, 2014


We finally have our website up and running. Thanks to my cousin for putting it together for us. Take a look at it. We will eventually sell things other than puppies, but they are the priority for right now.

March 21 - Day With Three Precious Girls

 Today we got the opportunity of taking care of three sweet little girls that go to Janessa's B.R.I.G.H.T. Lights group. They had so much fun playing on our little farm. Must say though that the puppies are the favorite of all.
Gabe and Sam.
Little Johanna didn't know what to make of the puppies for a while then they kind grew on her.
Isn't that an adorable smile?
Rachael found the biggest puppy and played with him the entire time.

March 18 - Babysitting, New Fence...and Then a Baby

Remember the baby shower that we went to in February, well God decided that it was time for this little one to come into this world. We took care of the Carroll girls so that their mom could go to the birth. As a bonus we took care of the Neufeld girls as well. The younger ones played dress-up the entire afternoon. The older Carroll girls, Kacy, and Zach built fence.

Don't they look like they are having a lot of fun? 

 These girls put in two hard days work putting up fence for our mare, who we are expecting to give birth any day. We wouldn't have done nearly as much done if they hadn't have been here. Thank you girls.

We are using telephone wire to build the fence, and if you have ever messed with telephone wire you will know that it is a pain to cut. That is the reason we are using the saws-all. 

Lexi did an excellent job of holding the wire tight without any leverage to help her.

Reacher is the best entertainment....if you aren't building fence :)
Now for the baby. They had an all natural birth, their first baby was a C-section so they had the birth in the hospital. 
Welcome to this world, William Colton Cole!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

March...Well Most of March

God saw fit to challenge our loyalty to the place where he put us, every spring. As much as I love Texas, I am not a huge fan of the Spring dust storms. Of course it is pretty neat to watch a dust storm come in. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 12 - Seed

Because Dad hauls crude oil, he gets to go into all the back roads. This is a huge help to our family not only because he gets a pay check, but he also sees things that our family can use. Broken hay bales and milo seed are some of those things. Today is Dad's "Saturday" so we all went to one of his sites to pick up Milo. We ended up with 240 gallons of seed to feed the chickens and use to grow Fodder for the horses. (I'll post you on the results of the fodder)
The seed.

What are some things that you do as a family on your "Saturdays"?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 8 - Wedding of a Good Friend

Our dear friend, Jenifer, got married today to her prince cowboy boots. It was one of the best services I have ever seen. They both were so sincere and sober during the whole wedding. Unfortunately the lighting wasn't the best to take pictures so we didn't get any good ones.

Congratulations to a wonderful couple!!

March 3 - They get to Come Again

Josilina and Camilla came here again for the day, Kasandra isn't feeling well and can use all prayers. It was still cold outside so we brought in a few puppies so that the girls could play with them.

March 2 - Family and Friends Night

Four other families came over today so that some of the dads we know could get to know one another. Since today was such a rotten day (it was freezing) we brought the puppies inside so that the kidos could play with them. With all five families we had 17 kids and 10 adults. Lots of fun!!
Zane did not need any persuasion to play with the puppies. 

Molly fell madly in love with them.

As did her cousin Sadie.

Before supper the Adults played the game Dominion.

The expert at the game, Mrs Lacey, is explaining the fine points of the game.

Mr. Whitworth is doing a great job playing and taking care of Zane and Gabby.

Mr. Mike is teaching Janessa how to play

In a "quite" nerf war Zane ended up getting shot in the head and we all found out something new about him. He seemed to enjoy all the attention. 

And then supper, which was devoured as fast as they could.

What are things that you do to entertain good friends?  

Saturday, March 15, 2014

March 1 - Josie and Cami get to see the Puppies for the First Time

Due to a doctor appointment for Kasandra, we kept Josilina and Camilla for the day. Regardless of the west Texas spring wind, we went outside to see the puppies. They loved them! 

Josilina held them from the first.
Camilla, on the other hand, took some persuasion to hold them. 

But she found the courage to take her turn telling her mamma all about the puppies. 

From that point on it took some persuasion to make her let go.

They sure have grown up a lot
Reacher occupied Camilla for awhile.
Though, like any other girl, she didn't take to the wet ball as much as Reacher was.
What are some things that you do when babysitting?