Saturday, May 25, 2013

May 9 - Another Rabbit Hunt

Kole, Nate, and Denise Tatum came over today for a little while. Kole, Zach, and Janessa got out their instruments while it was hot outside. Zach and Kole had a contest to see how long they could keep playing without stopping. After a half an hour they called a tie.

Later when it cooled down a little Kole, Shea, Zach, Janessa, and Kacy went rabbit hunting.

They got one!!!

Here come the Calvary. 

Zach and Kole are pretty proud of themselves.

Dan came out to meet the hunters.

Taking the skin off.

The bullet hole.

All Hands On Deck!!!!

Dog food!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

May 7 - Rabbit Hunt..... PG13

Some friends, the Gillilands, from Lubbock came over today for a play day. The oldest boy, Mason, asked Zach if he wanted to go rabbit Hunting. So the boys got their 22s and left. Kacy and Shea followed on the horses as soon as they heard a gun shot, to carry the rabbit home.  

Zach and Mason are so proud of their kill.


Opening him up.

We're  doing school... it's dissecting class. 

Mason's having fun I think.

Finished cleaning him out.

Garrett's Reaction to the biology class :)

The dog's reaction to it was quite a bit different.

Unfortunately the boys forgot to bleed it out right after they killed it, so it became dog food.

The butcher....
....The Baker (Mrs. Gilliland provided some great bread for lunch)....

.....And the Lizard Catcher (Sorry no Candlestick Maker).

Later Zach, Mason, and Shea went out again to find some more rabbits. But the Rabbits heard what had happened to their friend, so they all hid. Plus it was in the middle of the day.

May 5 - Surprise

Today is Rossella's birthday. We wanted to have a surprise party, somehow we pulled it off. 
She was surprised.

Rossella's friends from church were there. And a family from GRACE.

Denise Tatum did the cake..... 

....and the kids are ready to eat it.


 Happy Birthday Wonderful Lady!!!!