Wednesday, October 22, 2014

September 28 - Air Soft War

For Janessa, Kacy, Garrett, and Gabe's birthday Zach bought each one of them an airsoft gun. Today we all went out and has a huge air soft war. We had a blast (literally)
Looks like Gabe is out to get someone.

Since we are using his mamma for the war, Banner has learned to stay out of the line of fire and eat as much as he can.

The chickens learned the same lesson, Whoever said chickens were dumb?

Is that not a beautiful sky.

Ok back to the war.

Zach is building a fort.
That's all the pictures of the war, for you see, nobody had time to take pictures as soon as the war was underway. That evening we has family bible study. We are going through the book of Matthew. It's amazing how much you learn about these familiar stories once you really dive deep into them.

Zach is teaching Gabriel leather work.

Monday, October 13, 2014

September 27 - Video Production Class

This semester in GRACE, Zach and Shea are taking a video production class. The class's project is to make a documentary of GRACE. Today they interviewed some of the board members and some GRACE families. They learned about lighting and about how to make the camera work best in what light. 
Interviewing Chrystal, a board member.

Abby running the camera.

The moms taking while the interviews were going on.

September 24 - 18 with all it's Blessings and Chalanges

Our mamma was a very discerning woman, she thought that it would be easier to take care of half of her kids' birthdays in less than a month. It works too. Today is Kacy's 18th birthday. The family surprised her with a beautiful roll top desk. 

When we went out to do chores we found this on the mule. He had somehow got a fungus that turned into a secondary bacterial infection. So we have to doctor it every day with a special Antibacterial spray. Twice a week we have to wash it with an Antibacterial shampoo. Lots of fun. It's a good thing that Kacy likes to doctor animals, right?

That evening after Dad and Zach got home we had presents.

A floor lamp to go with her new desk

A beautiful Maxi dress that Janessa gave her.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

September 23 - Reason to Celebrate

He is 12 already!!!!! Garrett, our little sweet hearted, kind, thoughtful boy is 12! To celebrate we went to the South Plains Fair for the first time. Then afterward we had a little party with the friends that we went to the fair with. Janessa made some beautiful, fall-like cupcakes. 

Sadie had some things in the fair; a cross that won first place, a pillow, and a quilt. Good job Sadie Gale!!!

Group picture of our party at the fair. 

And a group picture of all the mamma's getting a picture of the kids.
Cupcake time!!!!!!

After dad and Zach got off of work we went to a surprise for Garrett. The imax theater in the Lubbock Science Spectrum is showing a video of the universe. It was absolutely amazing!!! I would highly recommend it. We are still talking about it a month later.
Garrett is in dad's truck and is "blindfolded" with Zach's jacket
He has no idea where he is.
I think he likes his birthday gift.

The whole crew waiting for the movie to start.
 When we got home he opened his presents.

Look at that face!!!

A lego space set that he has been saving for.

He keeps making the same face over and over again.

The three most recent books of the Hank the Cowdog series.

This is a gift from Kacy and Zach that they were going to get at the science spectrum, but the shop closed before they could buy it. It is coming later.

 Happy birthday little man!!! We are so proud of you!!! And we hope that you always look back on this birthday with wonderful memories!