Thursday, March 28, 2013

March 18 - Dan's Job

Today we took a field trip to see what Dan does for a job. 
Dan loves talking about what he does and we love hearing it.

The oil well we went to was called Green Acres. 
These are the tanks the oil is stored in.

This is connected to the tanks. 

This hose is connected to the truck.

That's how the oil gets to the truck, very simple.
This wench Turns the oil from the tank on and off. Right now it's on.

This is what the oil has to go through before getting to the truck. This is also how it get's into the tanks.

This is how many barrels that have gone through into the tank.
Before he starts pumping oil into his truck, Dan has to take a sample for testing.

Filling out paper work. While the truck is pumping.

Cleaning up the tools.

Full tank.
The number of barrels that went into the tank after we were done.

And this is the pump.

Wonderful time of learning.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 2 - Playing Music/ And Milking cows

We have been milking a couple of cows all of this week for some friends. Riley Tatum came with us today. Before we left Zach and Riley got out their guitars and played together.
Zach and Riley playing and Garrett singing.

Gabe has quite a fascination for Riley's skill with the guitar.

Kacy letting in one of the cows to milk.

March 4 - Babysitting and Lambs

 Josie came over this morning. She got here just in time to feed the lambs. I do believe it was the first time she had ever fed lambs with a bottle. We had quite a bit of fun teaching her how.

The Lambs are growing .... fast:)

After the lambs got done eating they came over to "help" the goat finish. Josie didn't think that was a very good idea.

 March 12 - Home-school Family get together

A few families from our home-school co-op came over today. We had a full day of horse back races, Lambs, and horseriding lessons. 
At lunch time all of the little girls got together to eat. The age range for these girls is from about 4-8.
 One of the reasons theses families came is one of the little girls, Daisy Payne, is going into mutton bustin'. So while they were here Daisy and some of the other kids did "Pogue Mutton Bustin". In other words we let the lambs out in a 5 acre lot and go catch them. The girls seemed to have a lot of fun doing this game. These are a few pictures of their success.

After the "mutton bustin" wore off the girls came down to help Kacy put the horses away. Jenna Carroll has been learning how to take off and put on the saddle. 

One of the most important things to learn is to carry it. 
After the horses were taken care of the girls posed for a memory remembering  picture.
It is a day we all will remember for years to come.

March 15 - New Horse

Kacy has been wanting a stallion to breed with our mare for quite a while. Well our mailman's owned a bay Quarter horse stallion, so we bought him three days ago. Today we brought him home. He still needs some training, but he is a good horse.
Shea got on him right away.

As you can see from this picture he's very gentle.

Garrett likes him as well.

Janessa, Shea, and Kacy watching Garrett's "ride".

Gabe, trying to get to know him.

Yep, he's a keeper.

 March 16 - Dance for a Wedding

The Shannons (the family who taught us how to dance) oldest daughter, Atlanta, is getting married on March 30th in Tennessee. So for all their friends in Texas they hosted a dance.  
Zach really liked this cowboy Commandments sign.

Shannon family with the future groom, Jordan Goodwin.
 Swing dancing has got to be our family's all time favorite dance.

Congratulations Atlanta and Jordan!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

February 10 - New Horse

Riley Tatum received her first horse, Ranger, today. She has been dreaming for a horse for 8 years now. Ranger is a little black two year old, with unknown breeding. Today all the Pogues, the Tatums, and a friend of the Tatums went to go get him today.

Ranger didn't want to get into the trailer. we tried bribing him with grain.
And pulling him in, then Dan and Kacy linked arms behind him and pushed him in.

He's in!!!

I think Riley likes her new horse.

Riley's little brother Kole getting to know Ranger

Welcome home Ranger!!! Congratulations Riley!!!!

February 13 - More Animals

Our shepherd neighbor gave us a crippled kid goat to see if we could spend the time it took to get his legs straight. In less than two days he was eating good and running around with the other lambs
This was as straight as we could get it the first day

This is what it looked like most of the time.

February 15 - GRACE Dress-Up Day - Your Favorite Era

  On the third Friday of each month is a dress-up day. Some of the costumes were very interesting. 

William Shakespeare - late 1500 

Cow hand from the old west - 1880s

David Crockett -  Late 1700s

Victorian Era - Late 1500s

Mechanic - 2042 :)

Disco Dancer - Early 1970s

Basket Ball player - 1970s

Hippy (1960s) and pioneers ( 1800s)


One Cowboy from the 1880s and Three boys from the Twenty-first century.  



Little Native American Girls

An English Caviler  from the 1600s 

A Medieval Squire...

...And Princess from the 1500s 

A Viking (400 A.D.)

 February 16 - GRACE Dance

After the Dance we hosted back in October, many people wanted to have another one. Today GRACE hosted one for the Family Fun Night.

In the Mother-Son dance, Rossella ended up getting to dance with all the boys.
Denise Tatum and her son Kole.

This is a dance our cousin taught us over Thanksgiving. It was a big hit.

One of the all time favorites, the Broom Dance.
Gabe turned seven today, and because of that he thought he was big enough to dance every dance.

This is what dance organizing looked like.

And then we did some swing dancing. 

We had set up a table for the little ones who didn't want to dance , but Garrett, Gabe, and one of their best friends Nate Tatum spent most of the time playing with it.
All-in-all I think the dance was a huge success.

February 20 - A afternoon with Mener (Short for Grandmother) and Pa (Short for Grandpa)

Rossella's Parents are taking a trip to see how citrus fruit in Texas is produced. While passing through our area they stopped for the afternoon. Since the dance was of his birth-date, we had an "official" birthday party today for Gabe.
Dan and Rossella getting lunch ready...
...and talking to Mener.

Grandpa has been a bible teacher for many years, so before lunch Janessa took the time to sit at his feet and learn.
After lunch Gabe had a Treasure Hunt. Garrett organized it this year and did a fabulous job. Gabe was thrilled.

In the Treasure Chest was a Lego Motorcycle....

...a wooden firetruck...

...a Lego Trash dumpster with fire of course...
... a silver flashlight...
...Secret Agent Crayons..
...Twenty diamond Ice cubes, two Million Dolor Bars, and two bags of Chocolate coins.

Janessa out did herself on the cake....again. Gabe wanted a Cars 2 theme. And Janessa did it with flying colors.

Gabe was surprised and loves his cake.


Now it's time for presents. This is a homemade gift card to Barns and Noble to get one book of his choice. 

The best part of a birthday party.... ripping open the gifts.
An antique car from Mener  and Pa. I think he likes it.

Don't you?

One of his favorites.... The Lego Forest Police Station!