Sunday, April 30, 2017

March 10 - First Real Work Day

This hard winter has really been a mixed blessing for us, we have really hit school hard, but let me tell you, we were ready to get out and about on a nice day! Today we all headed down to the orchard and worked on the south pump and multiple other projects that have needed attention (like Conrad proofing his pen :).
Daddy had hired a skid steer to do some digging today, almost all of us got to learn how to drive it.
 This is what our river screen looks like out of water. We will probably put it in the river in a month or so.

 Azure spoiled us this year, and now we have a new forklift, since both of our old ones went down last spring. We are so pleased to have it!!
 Gabe's new purchase is a Go-Cart from his cousin, Royal. It needs a little work, but he learned a bunch getting it fixed, and it will be such an amazing tool this summer for him.

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