Tuesday, February 26, 2013

January 18 - GRACE Picture day

The home-school co-op we attend every Friday started with only about six families. Look at how big is has grown in four years! It has grown so much in the last two years that we have attended.

This is our annual group picture day.

January 25 - GRACE Field trip to Adrenaline City

 We, along with quite a few families from our home-school co-op, went to Adrenaline City in Lubbock, Texas.
We tried the ropes course first. Lexi is on the crossed ropes
Janessa is being a great example for the little kids. The little boy in front is the son of our former childhood babysitter! It was so cool to see her example played out in Janessa and someday to these three precious children!

Gabe playing it solo.

It was a great time of fellowship for the moms.

Watching the scores in the Lazer Tag room.

The younger kids were thrilled to have a 4-man air hockey table.
Then we moved into the trampoline room. This side is just for jumping....
...and this side is for dodge ball!!! We have many pictures of us playing, but in none of them do we have a clear picture of Zach...he didn't stop moving :). 

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  1. Reminds me of a Boy Scout event I was at years ago; had all those climbing ropes and all that. It was great fun; made me glad to be a Scout and get free access! ;)