Saturday, December 29, 2012

December 20- Andi's 7th Birthday

Today our dear little Andi turned 7. Happy Birthday Andi!!!! Tomorrow all three girls are going to visit their dad for a few weeks. We had NO SCHOOL!!!! We babysat Josie and little sister Cami. It was quite a treat for Andi to have two more girls around to play with instead of boys all the time:).

Dan had a lot of fun having a baby to throw around again
Because their were so many younger kids Janessa made a batch of cup-cakes and everyone got to decorate 2. Then she shaped them into a caterpillar.
Everyone ready to go.

Another of Andi's birthday presents. She lost her 2nd tooth before Gabe lost his. 

Janessa being a wonderful helper.

Everyone is busy having fun

The finished products

Our present to Andi

Jenna gives a helping hand.

New fuzzy, pink slippers that she wanted.

A new robe

Dan teased Cami with her pacifier. 

Party picture

Everyone enjoying the cup-cakes

Cami and Dan enjoying each other

December 14 - Grace Skate/Christmas Party

Quite a few of the families from our Co-op got together at the Roll Arena in Lubbock for a end-of-semester/ Christmas party. Everyone had so much fun, from Grandmas to babies.

A picture of all the kids at the party.

December 16 - Axis and Allies

Tonight Zach roped Dan into playing a new game Axis and Allies. We a lot of fun, but didn't get very far. 

Dan looking up fun facts about the game

Kacy sprained her ankle yesterday. There's a dance in 2 weeks and that's how long she has to get well.

Our little "Geek" figured this out while we were playing.

December 19 - Sandstorm

This is what West Texas looked like today, from a plane. From the ground it was a whole lot worse.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 7 - Shea's 12!

Today is Shea's 12th birthday. We have been so busy getting ready for Carroll's wedding tomorrow that he had a week long birthday. The pictures below are taken all throughout the week. 
Shea's final present form the whole family... 

...the Lego dock he's wanted for quite a while.
Shea's present form Janessa, he got to learn to decorate his own cake.

We went swimming for Shea's birthday. Belive it or not Garrett is standing straight up on Kacy's sholders.

December 8 - Carroll Bell Wedding

Aaron Bell covenanted with Lacey, Alexis, Jenna, and Andrea Carroll today in marriage. 
Mr. Kindle ( the bride's Father) Giving away the bride.
After the best wedding I have ever attended was a equally wonderful reception for the bride and groom's friends  
A picture of the lovely bride 

Beautiful Andi. Unfortunately by the end of the evening she had a bad fever and sore throat.

They kissed many times that evening

November 21-22 - Thanksgiving

 We had so very much to be thankful for this weekend. A healthy family was the first thing we were thankful for.

Since our first dance in February 2012 we have taught anyone who will try how to dance. Our cousins were no exception. We danced every day all weekend. Needless to say we were all sore      
(thank you to all my cousins for putting up with it a learning despite our teaching).  
Another thing everyone was thankful for was our youngest cousin Elijah. No-matter what was going on Elijah was in the middle making everyone laugh.

Rossella's younger sister made these beautiful place cards. Thank you for the time you put into these, Aunt Lyda.

I think the younger boys had a wonderful time with their Uncle/Daddy. Thank you Uncle Dan.

We all had a wonderful time because of the unity of all the families. Thank you everyone for making it a wonderful Thanksgiving for the Pogues. ( We still talk about it )

Of course the food, we all were thankful for the delicious food. Thanks to all the Moms for providing that.

November 24-25 - Visiting Long-time Friends

 Saturday and Sunday were spent getting to see our friends we haven't seen in over a year. Thank you all for making us feel as though we've been gone a day rather than 4 years.  

First stop visiting Rossella's Aunt, Uncle, Cousin and all their kids. All the boys were splitting wood. And so , instead of acting like normal teens and listening to the Adults talk, all us Pogue kids jumped in, with our nice clothes on I might add, and stacked wood for an hour. Thank you for letting us get to help you guys. 
This is Rossella's Uncle and Aunt. She is James Lambert's sister and he is Laverne's brother.

This is their daughter...

....and her husband

 Later that evening we all went to another friends house for supper. We got a chance to meet some new additions to our old homeschool group. I had a wonderful time, thank you all.
Garrett, Gabe, Becky, and Lindley watching Courageous .... or the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything.
The family that hosted the evening, the Todds. Thanks guys.

On Sunday we got to see the family that we weren't sure we could. We had so much fun thank you all.