Saturday, December 29, 2012

December 20- Andi's 7th Birthday

Today our dear little Andi turned 7. Happy Birthday Andi!!!! Tomorrow all three girls are going to visit their dad for a few weeks. We had NO SCHOOL!!!! We babysat Josie and little sister Cami. It was quite a treat for Andi to have two more girls around to play with instead of boys all the time:).

Dan had a lot of fun having a baby to throw around again
Because their were so many younger kids Janessa made a batch of cup-cakes and everyone got to decorate 2. Then she shaped them into a caterpillar.
Everyone ready to go.

Another of Andi's birthday presents. She lost her 2nd tooth before Gabe lost his. 

Janessa being a wonderful helper.

Everyone is busy having fun

The finished products

Our present to Andi

Jenna gives a helping hand.

New fuzzy, pink slippers that she wanted.

A new robe

Dan teased Cami with her pacifier. 

Party picture

Everyone enjoying the cup-cakes

Cami and Dan enjoying each other

December 14 - Grace Skate/Christmas Party

Quite a few of the families from our Co-op got together at the Roll Arena in Lubbock for a end-of-semester/ Christmas party. Everyone had so much fun, from Grandmas to babies.

A picture of all the kids at the party.

December 16 - Axis and Allies

Tonight Zach roped Dan into playing a new game Axis and Allies. We a lot of fun, but didn't get very far. 

Dan looking up fun facts about the game

Kacy sprained her ankle yesterday. There's a dance in 2 weeks and that's how long she has to get well.

Our little "Geek" figured this out while we were playing.

December 19 - Sandstorm

This is what West Texas looked like today, from a plane. From the ground it was a whole lot worse.

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