Saturday, March 3, 2018

February 13 - The Strain of Moving is Starting to Show

 In the midst of all the packing, unpacking, sorting and setting up our new home, we have days like today...meaning...not much but giggling gets accomplished.
Zach and History, one of the pups!

Another pup hiding in his Pocket!
 In our new dining room there is a loft which is open on one side and a entrance hatch on the other...perfect opportunity for the boys! 

 In the new school room they hung a homemade pull up bar.

 Gabe volunteered to be in charge of the fireplace, he told me it looked so pretty that he wanted to take a picture. 

March 12 - Moving in the Cooler

 In a move there are always things that we dread somewhat in getting into place, our outdoor food cooler was one of those things. In a lot of ways it is one of those milestones that helps you feel settled, and it sure is nice to have it here finally!
Rolled it in on these assembly line rollers

Dad giving Janessa instructions

Our new landlord is giving us a huge helping hand!

I love watching these men work together! They really have become quite a well matched team!

Keeping it off the trailer and level to run the straps underneath.


Getting it all hooked up

Come straight off the trailer down to the rollers...

...rotate 90 degrees and roll it into place.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

February 9 - JV Basket Ball Tournament

Going from never seeing a basketball game all the way though before leaving Texas to going to as many home games as possible here in Oregon. One of the main social functions in the winter are the local basketball games. And today many of the families that we associate with regularly have children playing the the year end tournament, so Gabe, Garrett, and I spent the afternoon watching kids either play ball or in the park. It was a wonderful sibling/fellowship time! It always astounds me how many people we've met in this little community and especially children!
There is a mixture of pictures below as I went in and out from the games and to the park. Our main team that we came to watch was Spray's where several of the kids from church and friends played in.
Esther and friend. 

Continuous basketball games throughout the day involving all ages, I love watching a game where every age group is allowed to be included! 
Tag game...Gabe is no longer "it"

Garrett helping his buddy Joel grab the rim.

Garrett playing with two little girls on see-saw.

Organizing another impromptu basketball game 

Team one: Parker, Gabe, Joel, and Hannah

Team two: two kids from Monument, Jocy, and Titus

The sandbox was a big hit with this age group. 
A sweet baby girl that I got to babysit for a while! 

Michael the Ref

Days like this are some of my fondest memories.