Monday, January 5, 2015

December 23 - Adopted Family Visit

The Carroll/Bell's cousins were here for Christmas, so they came out today to spend the day with us. Even though it was very cold, we all went outside and rode horses for quite a while. Cowboy got ridden by someone else besides Kacy for the first time today. Jenna and Austyn rode him first then Addy and Andi. All they had to steer him was a lead rope around his neck, but they did awesome. He is coming along really fast. We hadn't seen the Carroll/Bell's cousins since we had puppies, so they were having a lot of fun seeing how much our babies had grown. Addy asked me where the calf was, because she didn't realize that Jenny was the same calf we had when she was here last. 
Austyn giving Rusty another turn around his pen.

Jenna fell in love with our "baby" chicks. They aren't so much babies any more.

Mrs. Lacey's youngest sister, Kalie, riding cowboy. This was the first time she had ever been on a horse bareback and the first time she had ridden in six months.

Jenna and Austyn trying to get out of the cold.

Libby and Banner watching all the fun. Isn't he growing?
Andi, Addy, and Quincy posing for a picture on the hay bale.
 After it got too cold, even for Jenna and Austyn, we all went up to the house to play town. Everyone has their own "job" and our city limits are the house. It is a huge favorite. Usually we will play for about an hour, but today we played for three or four hours and had a blast!!

Sheriff Andi and her deputy Ethan putting Garrett in jail.

Shea kept busy with his game arcade.

Austyn and Jenna were the doctors and made everyone come into a checkup every 30 minutes.

The proud soldier/deputy.
 It sure was a wonderful day and we all can't wait until we see them all again!!!