Tuesday, August 13, 2013

July 27 - Farmers Market

Janessa and Shea ran the farmers market today in Brownfield.

Does this truck look like west Texas or what? It belongs to Mater Farms.

Mater Farms freshly canned produce.

Fresh bags of pecans.

Texas yard art.

This says "We don't dial 911"

Paracord bracelets. 

Fresh Squash and Janessa and Shea worked with them to shell black-eyed peas.

Fresh jam

Beautiful Crosses.

Fresh flowers

In case you are wondering.....JANESSA AND SHEA SOLD OUT!!!!! HURRAH!!!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July 25 - Bowling Alley

While spending the day in Lubbock, Janessa took us and a few other kids to the bowling alley. Sorry there is no pictures us playing.... but then we didn't even think about taking pictures while we were playing.

July 20 - Homeschool Dance in Plainview

Some of our friends came with us to a dance in Plainview. 

Gabe and Molly Gilliland having an arm wrestle.

Some of the younger kids got into a game of hide-n-seek tag.

See if you can see the hiding place.

July 18 - Lil' Pea Pickers Cont.

 Daddy came with us today to pick. What a wonderful evening to pick as a family and with great friends.

The great big Texas sky was showing off this evening.

We got smart today and used bags that were bigger. Each bag is half of a bushel this tome.

These two had been working hard all evening now they are enjoying a small break.
Bringing in the last of the buckets

Our neighbor has a pea sheller that he let us use which was a huge blessing.

July 17-July 18 - Lil' Pea Pickers

For the next three weeks the Pogue family, Riley Tatum, and another family, the Gillilands, will be picking black-eyed peas for a local farmer. This week God has blessed us with wonderfully cool weather and some rain.   
The day before we started picking we all went out in the field to do some weeding. 

The van got stuck in the mud. The rain was well needed so it was nice to actually work in the mud. even if it means getting a Fifteen passenger van out of the mud. Good thing we had those weeds, right?

We got rather muddy, but that is one of the first memories we will have for this summer's project so it was okay.

Our first day's work. Five of those bags make a bushel. 

There you have it. More posts on this subject guaranteed.