Tuesday, September 4, 2012

August 10-12 Family Camp

 We just got back from a family camp this past weekend…a very fun weekend I might add. The first day we signed in and then messed around with the other kids. The theme for the weekend was the Olympics, so we had an opening ceremony with the torch and all. There was 5 teams (country) red, blue, green, black, and yellow.  Before the opening ceremony all the “countries” made flags. We were on the blue team.
After the ceremony we went to eat supper. Afterward the adults played a dice game, the kids played board games, the little kids watched a movie, and the rest of us played truth or dare outside. The next morning some of the teens decided to go jogging. Zach and Shea went with them while Janessa and Kacy went hiking in the mountains. When they got back to the camp it was almost breakfast time. After a wonderful breakfast we started the games. The leader of each “country” had a clip board with a point sheet on it. As we did the games the leader counted points for how well we did. Here is pictures of all the teams:

After all the games were done we had lunch then the families went to do the camp activities. 


We did rock wall:
                           The lady that was helping us was so tiny that we had to help her with Daniel J.

The rifle range and the archery range:

                                      Garrett, Shea, and Gabe getting ready to shoot. 

The water slide:

Dan and Gabe drying off from the water slide
And we did the zip line, the ropes course and last but certainly not least the big swing. I’m sorry we didn’t get any pictures. Then we had an hour to clean up, then supper, and a volley ball game:

                                                              Dan getting onto Zach

After the game we all went to the mess hall to play board games and talk. The boys played a game called Axis and Allies till about 2a.m.
 Our cabin got up pretty early, breakfast was at 8:00 a.m. after breakfast they announced the winner of the day before. 3rd was our team, 2nd was green team, and 1st the black team. After breakfast we packed up and went home.