Wednesday, November 16, 2016

July 12 - He is Healing!

Today is the big day! Shea finally gets to get the pins out of his arm! We are beyond excited that this part of our summer is almost over! Before he went to the hospital we got these pictures of his cast. We, of course, all wanted to draw on it, but when we started with a silver marker, Shea thought he would draw his x-ray on it.  
If you look at his wrist area there is a black stripe through the bone, that is where the break was. For all who know Shea will understand the sense of humor behind this cast. His excuse was it kept him from getting bored.

Dad's encouraging message to Shea!

He is so happy to move his hand normally!

School field least that was what Garrett said for his reason to go to town.

They are out! Praise God we are all done, and he had a perfect healing! We ended up not having to do any physical therapy because he was active enough!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

July 4 - Happy Independence day!!

The day of memorial for the greatest time in the history of our country is one of celebration all over. Way out here in the boonies is no exception. Both years we have been here, we seem to pack as much into this day as we possible can. These little towns around here sure know how to celebrate! There even was a huge bluegrass festival in Fossil, OR that we went to last year. 
This year we went over to Monument, OR where they host a community day, with a parade, lots of fun games, booths, contests, and in the evening an amazing firework display.  Janessa took so many fun pictures with her camera of the day.

Our astronomer wore this around all day, and had it stained on his face for 3 more. 

The bumper ball challenge was pretty intense between these two!

A very popular part of the day!

 Later in the day we went to Spray, Oregon to have a pot luck down at the river with our friends from church!

Then back to Monument for fireworks, Janessa got some amazing pictures!