Sunday, April 30, 2017

Gabe's Week-long Birthday

For one reason or another, Gabe's birthdays seem like they either go on for days or they get postponed for days. This year is no exception. The reason for this year's crazy long birthday was mostly because Gabe's heart is so big that he didn't want anyone to miss out on a birthday party. Our church was having a cleaning day, to clean out the attic of our church building, which has had bat problems. Gabe wanted to postpone his birthday so that all of his friends could share his cake with him. So on his birthday day all he wanted to do was play a huge, long game of Blind Man's bluff, which was a blast!
 Janessa surprised him with a new game that he has been wanting for a long time, so we ended the day with everyone playing Bonanza, and learning his birth story again. Super fun day and 11 years went by far too fast!!
A little over a week later was the cleaning day. All the men worked so hard getting that attic cleaned out, while the women prepared the meal and the kids took over the gym for a couple hours. It really was a great day for everyone involved!

Janessa, as always, did an amazing job with his cake! 
All of the men that work in the orchard absolutely love Gabe and how much boldness he has, so they bought a Remote Control Truck for their "el nino's" birthday. So Janessa used that truck as her model for the cake.   

Since orchard season is about ready to get underway again, we took this weekend to take a good family fun day. Gabriel chose to go bowling, which we haven't done since we went with GRACE Homeschool group in Texas.

 In the bowling alley there was an arcade! So we all had to try everything.

We spent the night in an hotel, where Gabe opened his gifts, one of which was a basketball. He is playing Pee Wee Basketball this year and wanted lots of time to practice up for that.

And when we got home the evening of the next day, our mountain was covered in snow again...the last big snow of the year. 

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