Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January 7 - Zach's Birthday

Zach is 15!!!! We had a party at home. We played games, danced, ate cake and ice cream (obviously), and Zach opened presents (again obviously). Janessa did a great job making and decorating the cake. Happy birthday Zachary!!!

January 5 - Playing with Trains and Kids

Some very dear friends stopped by. They have 4 girls. While they were here the boys got out the train. They had a lot of fun. 
Sierra and Shea working out a problem in the track

Garrett's "Cargo train". 

Everyone working on their part of the track

Reyna looking on.

Aunt Sheryl and Rossella talking. 
Garrett fixing the track....again
Garrett and Reyna 
Sierra's Zoo 
This is Shea's new Nerf gun.

January 3 - Family Night/ Pictures 

For the past several days Rossella has been working on sorting all our pictures. Tonight we all got together to sort them all into events. Janessa, Zach, and Shea got out their instruments and played for a little while. 
Our dining-room table. The rest of our kitchen look the same. 

Our live band

Gabriel enjoying the music

Grandma reading another good book. It won't take her very long before she reads our entire library. 

 January 1 - Happy New Year!!!

 Dan, Janessa, Zach, Shea, and Garrett went to the church tonight for a New Years party. Rossella, Kacy, and Gabe where sick and stayed home and had a party at home. 
Some of the adults playing apples-to-apples

Zach and Sydney Patrick playing Monopoly 

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