Tuesday, September 20, 2016

June 12 - Family Trip to Dufer

When we lived in Texas a hour drive seemed like a lot, but living out here driving for 3 hours or more isn't that big of a deal. One town we visit at least once a month during the winter and a couple times a week is Dufer, the home of Azure Standard. About a 4 hour drive from us...if dad drives. Today there was a equipment auction going on, and when running any farm operation, an auction is a wonderful thing to go to. It went well, and we ended up with a nice box blade that we really needed. 
 Because the semi needed some work done on it, dad brought back a car from one of the family members as a loaner car, so before we returned it we ran it through the car wash, Gabe loved it!! I wish I have a better picture of his face, but he was so excited and focused that he wouldn't look at me.
 One of the funnest things about the Azure headquarters is the tropical fruit, experimental green house. It is so fun to watch these fruits grow that we have never even seen. The highlight is the 2 huge banana trees, that will produce fruit.

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