Tuesday, March 14, 2017

August 22 -24 - Puget Sound

Several years ago, while our family still lived in Colorado, our music teacher and her family moved up to Washington state. We haven't kept in touch very much since they moved other than once or twice a year.

Well now that we live in Oregon we all have wanted to go and visit them, this weekend we all headed up to Puget Sound, which, by the way, is almost literally right out their back yard. We had a blast with these wonderful people. They were so great about taking us to so many of the landmarks of Puget Sound.

Janessa brought her camera along and got some really beautiful pictures of our trip.
The bridge over Deception Pass.
Our first stop on the tour was Deception Pass, which had the magnificent bridge spanning the inlet! The monument to the history of this pass reads as follows: " Named by Captain George Vancouver 10 June, 1792. Felling that he had been " deceived" as to the nature of the inner waterway. Port Gardner (now Saratoga Passage) he wrote on his chart "Deception Pass". He honored Master Joseph Whidbey who found the passage while commanding a small - boat crew of explorers, by naming the island Whidby." 
While we were walking on the bridge, Garrett yelled, "Hey guys, I think I see an otter!" and sure enough, we got to watch a couple otters playing and eating about 4 stories beneath our feet.

After that, we headed to the beach that was down a ways from the passage to have lunch and play. Even though it is August the water is still frigid! But even still there was no way we were passing up a chance to play in the ocean.

Zach playing with the "Bull Whip Kelp" that was laying all over the beach.

The Pogue family and Friends on the beach.
Being used to seeing wildlife Eastern Oregon, we were having so much fun seeing the creatures Oregon Coast style. Every tide pool had so many weird and amazing creatures!

Next stop was one of the many forts along the coast, that had been used to train troopes for years. The all time favorite part of the fort for all of us was the guns, which were huge! The nearby lighthouse had been turned into a museum for both lighthouse and fort. One of the stories we heard was of an attack on the US by a foreign sub and this fort and the one across the sound both opened fire on it and either sank her or sent her packing. 

View of the Sound from the top of the lighthouse.

Afterward it was back to the house for burgers and friend time.

The next morning we headed back home with a small detour to Mount St. Helens.

Our family had a fantastic time and are so looking forward to the next visit!

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