Monday, July 17, 2017

April 21 - Missoula Children's Theater

If you have never watched or participated in the Missoula Children's theater, you are missing out. We watched it when it came to Spray, OR last October, and it was so much fun! Garrett especially was intrigued by it all, and when we found out it was coming to Monument, Garrett decided to join it. He tried out and was hoping for at least a medium part and got handed one of the biggest parts. The play was a very big spin off of Gulliver's Travels, only in space...and including the force...and stranded with only a computer to help...and teleporters to other planets. It was a lot of fun, Garrett got to play the role of the Computer JCN (pronounced Jason), he did an excellent job. JCN basically was a computer system that broke down at every important moment.

The whole cast did a great job and the play went off great, it was so enjoyable. The two people who put it on from Missoula, Melissa and Terri did an amazing job teaching the kids. They all had a wonderful time!!
JCN and Gulliver just crash landed.

When asked for directions, JCN is computing, computing, Com..pu.iwheerrr.

JCN trying to come up with an answer.

Garrett's Group, JCN, the amazing back stage director and Gulliver.

Thank you Terri and Melissa for all you did for Garrett, he absolutely loved it!!!

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